Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clarke's Cars Celebration!

My baby had his first "Big Boy" celebration for his 4th Birthday. Clarke has loved the movie CARS I think since the day he was born.  He loves how loud it is, how colorful everything is, the music, and the fact that it's Cars...a boys best friend!  He has known that he wanted a Lightning McQueen party since February (mind you his birthday is the end of June) and since he is my party shopping helper, every time we are out he would find something else that would be "SO COOL" for his party.  Take a look at what Clarke and I came up with! 
Invitations by Sarah O Chic

Big Brother had a dessert bar, so he wanted one too.  However, Clarke doesn't like candy or sweets all that much so I had to improvise.  He fell in love with this Lightning McQueen fabric that we found at WalMart so I decided to incorporate it here.

Another incredible cake designed by Cucamonga Cakery!  Chocolate with Strawberries was what the birthday boy ordered.

Can't watch a race (or movie) without your popcorn!  I made the cones with scrapbook paper and I bought the adorable circles and labels from Sarah O Chic.

Fruit Snacks, or Gummies as we refer to them in our household, are Clarke's all time favorite thing!  I couldn't pass up the huge box of CARS fruit snacks at Costco.  This jar was empty by the time the party was over (and not just because of Clarke).

I'm a total sucker for sticking with the theme.  I happen to be in WalMart on the day of my oldest son's birthday party back in May, and I walked by a HUGE jar of CARS pretzel snacks.  I swooped these pups up so fast and glad I did because I haven't seen them since!

My dad, Grandpa Cliff, has called Clarke "Clarke Bar" since the day he was born. Clarke and I were in Cost Plus and he saw his name on these and he says, "Well, that's almost my name."  Gotta love it!

I made these labels from a pack I picked up at Michael's.

At least my son has impeccable timing because with the opening of CARS 2 over the weekend, I was able to find CARS everything.  These are Juicy Juice boxes I found at the grocery store and for dinner the kids also had CARS Gogurt (you know that squeezable yogurt in a tube that kids love and grosses parents out...yeah, that stuff). 

There is my boy playing "Red light, Green light" with a "Pit Crew Pass" designed by Sarah O Chic.

The last 3 left for "Hot Tow-Mater".

The big kids demonstrating "Luigi's Tire Roll"

Trophies for all and Ribbons for the 4 and under and 5 and older "Race to the Finish Line" Bike/Scooter/Tricycle Race!  I made the labels with address label stickers.

The happy participants!

Clarke's Speedway Souvenir Stand.  I made the banner with Checkered Flag Pennants I bought at Oriental Trading and scrapbook stickers.  I found the recyclable lunch sacks at Dollar Dollar and inside were CARS eraser, pencil, Silly Bandz, crayons, and Passport book.  The "Thank You" printable was purchased through Sarah O Chic.

Let's pretend the backdrop looks straight, not crinkled and destroyed  (because it was leaned against and fell 5 seconds before the picture was taken) and we'll look at the sweet little faces ready for some cake!

How cool is this sign!!!  Sarah added this as a bonus to my package and I sent it to Costco Photo to be enlarged.  It turned out so amazing!  Thank you so much Sarah!!!

Planning this party was so much fun and so easy because of how popular the movie is.  Most of the items for the party I bought on clearance or at the various "Dollar" stores around town.  The total of the favor bag was less than $3 and the kids got to take home a recyclable/reusable bag!  All the kids had so much fun, even the girls!  It was one of the girls that said, "This was the best party I've ever been to!"  So sweet! 

Happy 4th Birthday to my little "Clarke Bar"!


  1. What an awesome party you threw! Your son and all his friends look so happy - such a great job!

    Tara Kelly via Dreamers & Doers
    Heavenly Bites Cakes

  2. WOW! You did awesome!! congrats! ~nancy~

  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments!

  4. Of all the characters in Cars, I like Mater the most, since I can relate to him. Hehe, however it wouldn't be much fun if Mater's made the birthday boy's mascot. Lightning McQueen is just too cool for a "big boy" birthday party isn't he?

    Tyra Shortino

  5. That Cars themed-birthday party is sure a hit among the guests. I can see that in their smiling faces. What's more, the freebies are so awesome. I will suggest this theme to my husband for our son's 5th birthday. I know our son would like it, since he loves the movie.

    Ivo Beutler

  6. I love the sign and invitations. How did u do them or go get them