Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Super Mario Time!

My son Ray came to me and said, "Mom, I'd like a Super Mario Birthday Party. Would you help me plan it?" How could I say no to one of my favorite clients. He definitely had design elements and games in mind as well as food and cake choices that he wanted. I had so much fun researching online with him for pictures, cake ideas, and Super Mario party supplies and creating the party he envisioned. I have quite the apprentice in the making!

I made these Mario and Luigi cutouts this past Halloween for a Trunk or Treat.  So glad I kept them!

Is this not the cutest cake?!?  I love Cucamonga Cakery so much!

I have to thank Brittany with GreyGrey Designs for this wonderful backdrop and dessert table idea.  I emailed her a few months back to let her know how much I loved her work and asked if I could use creative plagerism with some of her ideas.  Thank you Brittany!  Ray and his friends thank you too!

This was another idea from Brittany with GreyGrey Designs.  So cute!

Ray named these Goomba Cake Pops because they looked like the mushrooms Mario stomps on.  I made them with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting and they were so delicious!

Homemade "Star Power" Cookies.  Still learning the art of frosting a cookie...

Another yummy idea from GreyGrey Designs.  My son loved how these looked like Toad in the Super Mario Brothers game.  Every single one of these marshmallows were eaten by the kids (and adults too!).

The kids played 6 games and earned coins for the "One Up Store".

I bought white plastic eggs from Oriental Trading Company and painted green dots to look like Yoshi's eggs.  Each egg was filled with a different amount of coins.  Some of the other games played were Goomba Stomp (brown balloons with the Goombas face on them filled with coins), Bomb Omb throw (Black water balloon toss), and Mario vs. Bowser Obstacle course.  The kids had such a great time and were really into the games!  They kept asking if there were more games that they could play!

This was such a blast to put together.  Most of the prizes I bought at the Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading Company, or Big Lots.  The boys were so much fun to watch count their coins and calculate what they wanted to "buy".

I had originally bought these boxes for favors on Birthday Express, however, the boys used the boxes to collect their coins and keep them "safe".  I made the fun little tags for the boxes...but I don't think the boys noticed. 

The kids had such a good time that when their parents came to pick them up, one of the boys said, "No offense Mom, but this party is way too fun to leave.  I think I'll just stay here." 
I absolutely loved planning this party and it made it more special to do so with my now 8 year old.  Happy Birthday Ray!


  1. Looks GREAT! So glad that Ray loved it too! Thanks for the link love! :)

  2. GREAT JOB with everything!! Wish I would've seen this earlier! My God-daughter is having a Super Mario's theme party this weekend!! Can't wait!! Great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much! Have a great party this weekend and Happy Birthday to your God-daughter!

  4. Found you via Tip Junkie....I have three boys who are obssessed with anything Super Mario! Halloween, their bedrooms, shirts, the more Super Mario, the better. They would love this. I'm bookmarking for ideas for the next birthday! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this!

  5. My son is having a Mario bday this July. He loves mario! Found you via Tip junkie; thanks for sharing!

  6. Also, found you via Tip Junkie...imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? I will be "stealing" some of your ideas - they are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Such a lovely super Mario themed party! I am in love with entire party supplies. I think it will be a nice idea for my son’s 8th birthday. Have already decided to host this party at local San Francisco venues and now you have suggested a great theme.